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City Glass Expert Door Repair is an established commercial doors contractor operating in VA DC MD, We can design, create and install all types of commercial doors specific to your businesse'S needs. We specialize in the repair and replacement of commercial doors including: hollow metal doors, glass doors, fire rated doors, and much more…

Our trained technicians provide expert repair service for your equipment, commercial doors, entry equipment and other related security systems. We provide emergency same-day service as well as scheduled service during regular business hours.

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Services for Commercial and Industrial Doors 

Glass Door Installation
Glass Door Repairs

We offer an extensive range of commercial doors for retailers, public buildings, and production centers, including:

  • Fire-rated doors for industrial buildings, manufacturing facilities, and large commercial buildings with strict fire safety regulations.
  • Glass and aluminum storefront doors  for shopping malls, retail stores, office complexes, and other public buildings.
  • Hollow metal doors and wooden exterior doors for small businesses and retail stores.


Door Repair

Glass Windows Services
Windows Glass Commercial

Any such job is best completed by Doors Repair .  Our team of professionals perform emergency repairs around the clock, 24/7, including weekends and holidays! When an emergency comes up like a broken door, shattered glass or even a lockout, you can count on us to provide you professional and speedy service.

Fire Safety

Commercial Doors
Glass Repairs

Fire safety within the home or business is extremely important, especially in mixed-use premises and where unrelated occupiers share common areas of the same building.

If you are a building owner you need to perform a fire risk assessment and ensure that adequate fire safety measures are put in place to protect your residents in the event of an emergency. You might consider calling us to install fire rated doors for your location. We have many types of fire proof doors, including wood fire doors, glass fire doors, as well as aluminum fire doors. You might worry about the lack of aesthetic appeal in fire doors, but don’t worry! Our selection is large, and we’re sure you’ll find a style that you like.

City Glass Expert Repair

Sometimes A Door Must Be Repaired

Door Repairs
Commercial Glass

If you expect a door closer to consistently close the door, the door must be able to close properly. If there is a hinge problem, a warped door, or the door must swing uphill to close, a door closer will only go so far to solve the problem. Sometimes a door must be repaired before it will close and lock automatically with a door closer.

In vestibule conditions there is an exterior door, a small space, and then an interior door. The trapped air between the inside and outside door can be a factor in door closing. Wherever air pressure is a factor, including negative or positive pressure situations, The slow swing-speed seems to give the air a chance to get out of the way and the fast latch speed gives it a very slight slam at the end to make sure it latches.

If the closer stops closing the door before it’s closed all the way, or actually spings back when you try to manually shut the door, the arm is probably installed on the shaft incorrectly.


Professional Door Installation

Eagle  Doors  has technicians available to provide fast, friendly, and personal service. Our service professionals are experts in door repair and replacement, and are committed to ensuring your needs are met quickly and efficiently.

Commercial Entry Door Repair

Your business depends on loading doors to run smoothly. Apple Door offers a collection of coiling doors that will meet the needs of any commercial and industrial application. These rugged coiling doors are designed for years of dependable and safe operation.

  • Hollow Metal Doors & Hardware
  •  Storefront Doors
  • Access Controls & Equipment
  • Custom Design
  • Professionally Installed
  • 24/7 Emergency Repairs

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High Quality Door Repair:

  • Storefront Door Repair in DMV
  • Storefront Door Installation
  • Energy Efficient Glass Options from Energy Star Qualified Glass Manufacturers
  • Emergency Storefront Repair and Replacement
  • Emergency Storefront Board-Up Services Available
  • Tempered Glass Available for Added Strength, Thermal Resistance, and Safety
  • Free Estimate for Storefront Glass Window Repair and Replacement
  • Competitive Rates
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Next Day Service Available When Possible
  • And more!